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Bunyip & District Community News

After the demise of the “Bunyip and Garfield Express” in 1979, communications within the Bunyip area had become limited, and a suggestion was made to produce a community newsletter. Organizations and clubs were contacted by letter for support, and the Red Cross were asked to sponsor a public meeting. This was held in the Bunyip Hall supper room after the annual Red Cross meeting on the 6th September, 1982. A well attended meeting resulted with representatives from a number of Bunyip groups, and the Shire Council representative, Cr. K Anderson. The initial meeting was sponsored by Red Cross and held following their annual meeting, confusion has arisen and some people today call it the Red Cross Newsletter. This is not correct as an independent committee was formed with the title agreed upon, to be the “Bunyip & District Newsletter”. The 1982 committee elected were President and Co-Editor, Mrs E Porter: secretary, Mrs J McDermid; Treasurer, Mrs M Cowie; Co-Editor, Mr R Clark; Typists, Mrs K Moody, Mrs R Bernault; Committee – Mr R Porter, Mrs W Ockwell, and Mrs B O’Connor. Notices and reports of meetings, news items, advertisements, etc were printed fortnightly and circulated via shopkeepers in Bunyip and Garfield. This work involved a team of 25 unpaid volunteers, and 560 copies, usually four to six pages, were distributed. Printing began at the Bunyip Primary School, then later to garage accommodations at the home of Mr & Mrs Dick Baker of Garfield, then to the office of Cooper’s Real Estate Agency in Bunyip for some time. When Red Cross moved into the shop known as Fletts in Main Street, where there was a large back room, an invitation was accepted to keep equipment there. The Newsletter operated from this site from 1984 – 1990, when Red Cross were required to move to another shop, and the Newsletter found a new home in the R.S.L. hall. More recently the "News" moved its printing and meeting facilities into the Bunyip Hall where it is printed and meetings held to this day. The title of the paper has also officially changed to "Bunyip and District Community News" and circulation is now 1000.



Committee Contacts

President - Tony Arrigo - president@bunyipnews.org.au - 0407 563 441

Secretary - Roman Kulkewycz - secretary@bunyipnews.org.au - 0417 360 783

Treasurer - Jane Scott - treasuser@bunyipnews.org.au

Editor - Clint Diston -  editor@bunyipnews.org.au - 0458 974 131

Advertising - Lisa Sinha - advertising@bunyipnews.org.au - 0438 337 072

Website - Clint Diston -  website@bunyipnews.org.au - 0458 974 131

Postal Address

P.O. Box 126 Bunyip 3815